Types of Dualism

Types of dualism:
I. Social dualism: Social dualism is a dualism found in society. It is developed by Booke(1954). He has expressed the dualism in the sense of eastern developing countries and it exists in the form of:
• Traditional society system Vs Modern social system.
• Traditional society Vs Modern society.
• Traditional institutions Vs Modern social institutions.
II. Economic dualism: Economic dualism means existence of two types of economies in the national economic system; for example
• Rural Vs Urban
• Traditional technology Vs Modern technology.
• Privatization Vs Nationalization.
III. Environmental dualism: This kind of dualism is common in developing countries like Nepal. This is found as the following perspectives:
• Rural Vs Urban area.
• Ecological Vs Diversity.
• Regional Vs Diversity.
• Bio-climatic Vs Diversity.
IV. Political dualism: The political dualism is Nepal’s 1st identity, may be. This is found in diverse forms like:
• Unitary state Vs Federal state.
• Monarchy Vs Republic.
• Regressive force Vs Progressive force.
• China Vs India: Who is our friend?

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